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Three Important Components of Home Inspections

When you've seen it all, you’re more capable of conducting those detailed home inspections that protect prospective buyers from major headaches or show various stakeholders the true condition of the property. At Homestead Inspectors LLC, we can help with all of the research and functional testing that's necessary to do a thorough home inspection.

There are some major components of home inspections that require a bit of knowledge and expertise. Here are three of the things that we help out with that are vital to completing the inspection process.

Structural Concerns

A thorough home inspection has to include a look at the foundation of the property and the structural side of the equation – load-bearing walls and their conditions, as well as stormwater management and how that may impact the building's footprint. Too often, inferior firms skip part of this analysis, to the customer's detriment. It doesn't take long for these types of problems to compromise the integrity of a property, so catching them upfront is extremely important.

Environmental Hazards

Home inspections should include attention to the three major environmental hazards built into real estate contracts – lead, asbestos, and radon.

Radon gas is one that often gets overlooked in a real estate transaction process. That's unfortunate because a property sale is the only time that radon gas inspection is required to be done on the property. So if the buyer waives the radon inspection, there's never any indication of whether this dangerous gas is building up inside the property, and that can lead to various health risks.

We have the necessary expertise to do radon testing and deliver results to show, again, the true condition of the property so buyers can make an informed decision. When buyers don’t have the answers, they may be getting into some serious liabilities with property ownership.

Home Systems and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency isn't the same as hazard inspection, but it is important to most buyers, and it’s related to the integrity of the building.

We know how to inspect and assess HVAC systems and plumbing and more, in order to show our client whether a building is moving ready or in livable condition. We can also help them to think about the future of their life with the property so that they are prepared for the challenges they may face in years to come. Talk to us if you are attempting to get a qualified home inspection company to help you to do important real estate research.

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