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We'll put it to the test
              - So you can rest.

Buying a home can be extremely stressful, and once you've found one you like, determining its true condition can be the most stressful part of all.  At Homestead we understand that.  Our goal is to give you the information you need to make the best decisions. We'll use our knowledge, experience and equipment to "put it to the test."  You'll then receive a comprehensive report with simple terminology and detailed photographs to let you know what we've found.  We're committed to letting you know what you're getting into before you purchase your home.


House/Property Inspection

Purchasing a home is the largest investment most people make.  You want to have a thorough inspection that details the condition of each system and component of the home and helps you make the best decisions.

Infrared Energy Inspections

How much money could you save each year if minor repairs were made to insulation, air leakage at windows and doors or heating and cooling ducts in your home? There is no need to guess where the energy is escaping your house.  Homestead inspectors can perform a thorough infrared scan of your home's building envelope and show you exactly where the heat is going in a detailed pictorial report with professional recommendations.   Best of all, we aren't in business to sell HVAC systems or to do repairs.  We're your independent consultants providing you with an objective energy evaluation.

Radon Gas Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas which according to the EPA is the second largest cause of lung cancer behind smoking.  A number of counties in southern Michigan are identified as high potential for radon to exist in homes.  Eliminating radon is easy, once you've identified its presence and concentration.


Homestead did an excellent, timely and very thorough inspection.  They highlighted key important aspects of the house that were sound.    At the same time they also clearly identified aspects that needed immediate attention.  Great attention to detail and their report was clear and easy to interpret.  Thanks Homestead!

Matt W. - Cincinnati

We had the home that we recently purchased inspected by Scott Thomas.  Mr. Thomas did a thorough, comprehensive inspection from top to bottom.  He found a number of deficiencies that he clearly documented in the narrative of the report along with providing excellent photos showing us each of the problems found.  We feel that we received a competent, professional inspection and rest more comfortably knowing the strengths and weaknesses of our home.  We would highly recommend Scott Thomas to anyone in need of a home inspection.

Linda T. - Battle Creek, MI



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