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From the Attic to the Basement: Full Home Inspections

What's the value of a home inspection? People who have already had the experience of buying property know that a home inspection is enormously important for making good decisions on real estate investment.

Your home inspection is your verification that home systems are in good working order, and contributing to a fair price for the property. Anything that is not working, or the existence of environmental hazards or defects, or unusual wear from environmental factors … all of it compromises the value of your property.

At Homestead Inspectors LLC, we take the time to really check out properties for our buyers, to give them peace of mind and confidence in the deals they're making.

Inspecting Every Part of a Building

When you get a home inspection, be sure to pay attention as the inspector is making their way through the building. Are they spending sufficient time on every floor, and in every area of the building, to really thoroughly inspect the conditions of what’s inside, and look for the presence of any hazards?

If they are, that's all good. If not, you may be jeopardizing the results of your purchase decision. Anything that's not caught in the inspection can mean additional money or problems later in the game, when it counts.

Things to Look For in a Home Inspection Process

As he or she progresses through the building, the home inspector should be looking carefully for signs of environmental hazards.

Lead paint is a big one, as it has been designated a hazard by the EPA, and can require a lot of money to remediate in a building. Another danger to look out for is asbestos, where interior products that decay over time can release harmful microscopic pieces into the air.

Again, it's very important that your home inspector is looking for these sorts of things as they go through the building.

Matching the Language of the Sale Contract

In conventional real estate, there’s something called a seller disclosure that is very important for the buyer to review. As your home inspector is doing his or her work, it's a good idea to have these documents available and reference them. We encourage our clients to ask questions as they work on-site with the home inspector.

With these kinds of processes, you can be confident that you've done the research in assessing a property prior to sale. Find out more about how this works on our website and get resources for your next real estate purchase.

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